Forget to Thank

by Putri Nur Azizah

Going to a college is a thing you need to thanks to. First, thanks to Allah who has given a special opportunity to be in higher education level. Second, thanks to parents who have support you from many sides like moral support, financial support, even food supplier to keep you health and fit. Then, thanks to teachers who have transferred their knowledge for you, facilitate you to answer all your questions, and help you to build curiosity in learning. But sometimes we forgot about the role of the invisible hero. Yeah, the citizen. We forgot how to say “thank you”.

Why do I say invisible heroes? Actually, citizen play a big role to help us survive in a college, but indirectly. From the tax they pay every year, our educational fee is being paid, although not one hundred percent (except scholarship students). If the citizen do not pay the tax, may be the educational fee is higher than we have now. But the problem is we forgot how to say “thank you”.

As a college student, it is our turn to pay the citizen by finding the innovation to help. Let’s be a creative college student! By creating many awesome tools and sophisticated technology, we can help farmer to harvest better, we can help police to find the criminals, even we can help armies to guard Indonesia! By sharing brilliant knowledge, we can help Indonesian’s generation how to read, how to calculate, how to write, how to know the Creator, and  how to say thank you too.  By being honest, humble, and wise, we invest asset for Indonesia. Never underestimate your role as a college student, guys! We play an important role!

Kamis, 12 Januari 2017

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