If I Have a Time Machine

by Putri Nur Azizah

Well everybody, i’m pretty sure you ever watched Doraemon even once, didn’t you? You must be familiar with the magic tool which being the title of this essay. Yep, that’s a time machine. Nobita has that tool inside his desk. Now, tell me, do you ever think that if you could have a time machine by you yourself? What would you do?

Time machine is a sophisticated magic tool which can be used to travel for both past or future time of your life. It can help you to review your memory or to fulfill your curiosity about who you are in the next ten years. Now, i question “what would you do if you could have a time machine? which part of your life would you wanna visit and by what reason?”

Frankly saying, I got that question from my tutor when i had an opportunity to learn in Pare. I know that’s a simple question but it made me start to speak English finally (thankiess miss Firda). Even though what i answered is not a brilliant idea, but i wanna try to share it to you while increasing my ability in writing.

Well guys, for me, future is a sacred time you have to keep its sacredness, so let it be a secret. If i had a time machine, i would not visit my future. I would be a patient girl waiting for surprise ^^. And also, i wouldn’t visit my past. For me, reviewing your past life even more your bad memories just will hurt you yourself (again). I had tried my best to heal that wound, so it’s better for me not to break it. So, which part of my life i wanna visit?

Well everybody, i would not visit any time of my life because of many personal principal reasons i’ve told before. But if i got a time machine, i would share it to another people. I would make a time museum and let everyone visiting their life. Too many people felt disappointed because they failed to do a thing they should do in their past. So, i would let them fix it. But remember, the time given is limited.

That’s all. Thank you very much for your kindness to visit this am-bu-ra-dul post :’)

Rabu, 1 Februari 2017

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